AI glasses of the future tipped to decipher lying

AI glasses of the future tipped to decipher lying

The future of artificial intelligence is going to be very interesting...

Woman wearing futuristic glasses
Woman wearing futuristic glasses/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

The future holds things that we have not even envisioned, but that doesn't mean that someone else hasn't envisioned it for us. 

A principal futurist at US-based design consulting company Teague, Devin Liddell, has shocked many with his future visions for artificial intelligence technology. 

He claims that "artificial intelligence-powered glasses will one day offer humans the chance to experience ‘superpowers’ with the ability to see if people are lying to you or if they’re attracted to you." (Unilad)

"Speaking to the Daily Mail, Liddell said computer vision systems built into glasses will be able to pick up on nuances and emotional cues that are invisible to the naked eye. He believes that this augmented reality combined with AI will 'transform the social landscape’ for us humans." (Unilad)

The crazy superpower part of his vision comes into play as he sees these glasses offering users the ability to spot whether a person is lying to them or if they are even attracted to them. 

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Sounds like something that could either be a great tool or a complete disaster. But Liddell believes it could help people in several areas of life, from personal to political. 

"Pointing out things the tech could be used for, he told the publication: “Is the other person nervous or calm, interested or annoyed, etc.? Are there markers that suggest they're being untruthful? Are there indicators that suggest they're attracted to the viewer?” (Unilad)

It really does sound like everyone can be a superhero now, no need to be bitten by a spider or get electrocuted to enhance your senses. Just get a pair of super glasses and you're all set...

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