Wife files for divorce due to husband's bad hygiene

Wife files for divorce due to husband's bad hygiene

This is why they say the rule of thumb in relationships is to be able to communicate with one another. 

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Married people will have you know that marriage is anything but easy. 

The romanticised notion of marriage is surely appealing to people, but when you get married, it's a whole other story. 

One woman found out that marriage isn't always a bed of roses. She filed for divorce due to her husband's lack of personal hygiene. 

Her lawyer told the courts in Ankara, Turkey that he wore the same clothes for five days in a row, smelled like sweat, and rarely showered. 

We guess after marriage his hygiene habits had changed, either that or he failed to show her that side of himself. 

Witnesses attested to his lack of good hygiene practices and the court approved the woman's request for divorce. 

"The court approved the woman’s request for a divorce and also ordered the husband to pay her 500,000 Turkish lira ($16,500/R 309 262,80) as compensation to his now-former spouse for putting up with his lack of personal hygiene." (Oddity Central

Usually, couples can communicate about these things, but this was not the case. We also know that courts don't just grant divorces without doing their due diligence. So, it was interesting to note the following:

"In Turkish civil law, the accepted reasons for divorce are divided into two categories – special reasons and general reasons – with the latter including all the reasons that make life unbearable for one or both parties. In this particular case, the husband’s poor personal hygiene was deemed valid grounds for divorce by the Regional Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Appeals, whose recent verdict was final." (Oddity Central)

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It seems that listening to your parents about practicing personal hygiene can either turn out well for you or not...

For this man it didn't work out quite so well for him. 

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