Couple tie the knot, get divorced three minutes later

Couple tie the knot, get divorced three minutes later

Perhaps they were not ready for marriage...

Bridal couple walking together down church aisle
Bridal couple walking together down church aisle/iStock/SeventyFour

There are many reasons for divorce. Some lose interest, others file due to irreconcilable differences, and sometimes it's just old-fashioned pettiness. 

We recently came across an old story that is being called the shortest marriage ever. 

When we think about weddings, we generally think of happiness and joy, but this wedding didn't end with a happily ever after...

A bride tripped as she made her way out of a courthouse in Kuwait. It has been said that when she tripped, her new husband ridiculed her. 

"The bride demanded her marriage be annulled immediately after flying into a rage when her husband called her stupid as they left the ceremony." (Metro)

This was just three minutes after they had wed. 

"Deciding that she didn’t need that kind of criticism so early into wedded bliss, the wife allegedly turned around and asked the judge to dissolve their marriage then and there." (Metro)

People defended her on Twitter when the story was shared in 2019. Many say she cut her losses and praised her for cutting off a potentially critical spouse and marriage. 

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Image Courtesy of iStock/SeventyFour

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