What's the appropriate form of dress when visiting the gym?

What's the appropriate form of dress when visiting the gym?

This gym fanatic is coming under fire for her gym wear...

Woman drinking water at gym
Woman drinking water at gym/TikTok Screenshot/@sarahcaus

When it comes to attire, there is much contention from people who categorise appropriate and inappropriate dress when out in public. 

For one, many people aren't afraid to share their distaste or worse, label others for dressing in what they deem inappropriate. 

But we live in a world that is constantly changing. 

Changing in all aspects - and this means there is no one, set way of doing things. At least in our books...

Vic Naidoo is no stranger to racy gym wear, considering he built his business on merging his love of fashion with his love of staying active. 

His brand, Bombass Clothing, is bespoke and racy and allows people to show off their bodies with subtle but bold embellishments. 

But not everyone believes in freedom of style and being expressive in what they wear. Especially when it comes to expressing your style in public. 

In a video shared on gym fanatic Sarah Caus's page recently, people came down hard on her for wearing gym shorts that looked a lot like underwear. 

It can be a touchy subject for many people visiting the gym, because not everyone is where they want to be with their weight journey. 

But when it comes TikTok and social media in general, people are always happy to share their opinions openly. 

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People were quick to judge her fashion choice, check out some of their comments:

Jon Andrew: "I actually saw a girl at the gym wearing something like this. She yelled at a guy for looking at her. The staff actually kicked HER out." 

Mike Anzalone510: "Someone wants to be noticed" 

legendkie18: "Someone wants to be noticed" 

Check out what caused the recent stir in her video below, courtesy of TikTok


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