What would you do if your neighbour kept using your parking?

What would you do if your neighbour kept using your parking?

It seems not everyone is a good neighbour in the land down under...

A street in city with parked cars on the side of the road
A street in city with parked cars on the side of the road/Pexels/@Boys in Bristol Photography

Do you remember that Australian TV series, 'Neighbours'? Well, in light of all the hype about how everybody loves good neighbours, sadly, that's not the case for everyone. 

Even though the remake of the series attracted many, it seems not everyone is interested in being a good neighbour. 

Not that we imagined it would be a bed of roses, it's highly unlikely for all neighbours to be good and kind. 

Sadly, a resident at an apartment building in Sydney felt they had no other choice but to write a post-it note to all the neighbours after another neighbour kept occupying their paid parking. 

"Residents of an apartment building in Sydney woke to find a bizarre handwritten post-it note stuck to the front of each letter box. 'Remove ur (sic) car immediately from parking-2 This is paid parking,' read the notes, plastered over the unit block in Lakemba, in the city’s west." (New York Post)

The image of the post-it notes sparked a conversation online, with many people questioning the parking situation.

The additional charge for parking spaces also got people's attention, so why wouldn't this cost be built into the rental? 

Well, it was revealed that some apartment buildings had more apartments than parking spaces and therefore there was an additional fee of $10 (R192.00) per week. 

We're not sure if the resident received any resolution by posting the notes, but the notes were apparently taken down a day after they were posted. 

Stealing parking spots is something everyone goes through, but if someone has a paid spot, the acceptable etiquette is to steer clear. 

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