Woman caught red-handed selling neighbour's furniture online

Woman caught red-handed selling neighbour's furniture online

Is this woman a bad neighbour or simply an opportunist?

Woman sells neighbours furniture online
Woman sells neighbours furniture online/ TikTok

In this week's edition of bad neighbours, an unassuming act of opportunism unfolded when a resourceful woman spotted a treasure trove in her neighbour's discarded furniture.

It is common in most parts of the world to leave furniture out with a free label as a means to easily get rid of it. 

One woman, @avocandreatoast, hacked the system when she gave the discarded furniture a new home. Little did her neighbours know that she planned to profit from their act of kindness.

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The sneaky entrepreneur took to Facebook Marketplace to make a dollar. Check out this side hustle:

@avocandreatoast another day, another dollar 🤣🤑 I don't know what I'd do without facebook marketplace and I'm amazed that some people don't use it #facebookmarketplacefinds #facebookmarketplacefurniture #fyp #sideincomeideas #sellingfurniture ♬ original sound - andrea

While opinions on the act varied, this sparks a conversation about resourcefulness and entrepreneurship amidst community living.

In true entreprenuerial style, she was able to bag R400 for a desk. "I got a million requests for it, someone came and picked it up within two hours," she added.

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"I stopped selling stuff on [Facebook] marketplace because it’s such a hassle. 800 ‘is this available?’ messages and then 800 people ghosting. I have a life," one person wrote.

A second added: "I've had no luck with Facebook marketplace. every person so far that's messed about an item they don't show up nor answer back."

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It's the sheer audacity for us! 

Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest at East Coast Radio. 



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