Is this what we can expect from our robot cleaning devices?

Is this what we can expect from our robot cleaning devices?

An escape plan of robotic proportions...

Is this what we can expect from our robot cleaning devices?
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The surge of robotics into our everyday lives is just part of our day-to-day. But when the robots are trying to escape us, perhaps that in itself is a red flag of sorts...

One of the greatest inventions introduced into the world of cleaning has got to be the robot vacuum. It's a plug and play cleaning device, need we say more? All the makings of a (house)keeper...

"The automated device went missing on Thursday after it failed to stop at the front door of the Travelodge hotel in Cambridge, England." (Business Insider)

The interesting and funny part of the story was when they reported that once the robot vacuum went through the door, it just kept going... That makes us wonder what kind of cleaning the little guy was subjected to?!

"The assistant manager for the hotel posted on social media asking for help to find the vacuum cleaner that had "run for its life,". He offered a free drink at the hotel bar to anybody who helped find his "lil buddy,"." (Business Insider)

According to Garbage Wonk website: "The price of these vacuum cleaners ranges between $150 and $1300. The lesser the functions, the lower will be the price. The higher the functions and high-end technology, the higher will be the price." 

Don't worry, there is a happy ending. It seems the little buddy just needed some outdoor time...

"A (human) hotel cleaner found the robot vacuum cleaner while they were tidying up the outside of the hotel. It was nestled under a hedge. The cleaner dusted it off and put it back into service, per reports. The hotel confirmed that the robot vacuum is "now back sitting happily on a shelf with the rest of its robot vacuum family,". (Business Insider)

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