WATCH: AI Robot is a super cleaning machine that can operate unmanned

WATCH: AI Robot is a super cleaning machine that can operate unmanned

A gadget that eliminates the need of cleaning staff - are we happy or are we nervous?

WATCH: AI Robot is a super cleaning machine that can operate unmanned
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There are definitely lots of perks when it comes to the introduction of smart technology into our lives. From being able to control your devices through sound activation, to paying for your groceries with the palm of your hand

There aren't many people that would admit that they don't enjoy the perks of being able to do pretty much everything on their smart devices. So when it comes to the advancement of tech and the perks, it becomes difficult to choose a side and stay there permanently. 

We have noticed that if we really have to look at things with a fine comb, that many of us wouldn't have made it through the first lockdown without our smart devices, even something as basic as a TV got us through the tough times. 

With the advancement in AI (Artificial Technology), we are left mind boggled when it comes to the devices that are so smart that they eliminate the need for us to be around. Which brings to light the question, are we completely comfortable with that or not?

A robot that can clean restrooms by itself, open doors and take the elevator by itself and even clean itself up, sounds pretty awesome. But the fact that it can do all of this by itself and work for eight hours, leaves us thinking about the need for human help. Of course, these are quite pricey and are still being rolled out, so don't fret about it coming and taking our already strained job market.  

Check out the video below of the AI Cleaning machine doing it's thing...(courtesy of Twitter):

Whatever the thought process behind this kind of technology, we think it is important to note that there will never be a time that machine contact outweighs the benefits of human contact. Yes, it is quite possible that they may do a better job in terms of rates of work time and the level of cleanliness, but there's something that we bring to things that precedes everything else. 

Remember that as much as we have had to rely on our devices to be in touch with family and friends, there is something special in maintaining human contact. And we may not be able to practice that now, but when the time comes, we should remember that we shouldn't take such things for granted. 

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