What in the 'Emoji' does this building look like?

What in the 'Emoji' does this building look like?

A hotel in Scotland has a coiled spiral at the top and is being compared to a not-so-flattering emoji. Can you guess which one?

A building resembling the poop emoji
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It was World Emoji Day last weekend and we wanted to pay tribute to all emojis, just for fun. After all, there's a whole movie dedicated to them and we all use them. 

When it comes to the use of emojis, we know that many people are guilty of using emojis as a response as opposed to typing out a message to friends and family. Sometimes it's the safer option. But other times it could leave the receiver feeling confused or worse. 

When it comes to World Emoji Day, things are real, people. There are awards for emojis and even categories. This year the emoji that won first place is the one that summed up the year for us and the most 2021 emoji was the syringe emoji. 💉

The emoji that won the lifetime achievement award (whether old or new) was the crying out loud emoji 😭(damn that says a lot about the past year and half). Moving along swiftly...

So when we spoke about taking emojis the wrong way earlier, a recently unveiled hotel in Scotland is really receiving the opposite of good ratings on the design of its building. It is being compared to an emoji that some mistook as chocolate...

"Edinburgh's bronze-coloured Ribbon Hotel, which is nearing completion, is part of the upscale W chain, owned by Marriott International. It is part of an $800 million (R11.5 billion) development in the Scottish capital that will include a mall, a movie theatre, and luxury apartments," Business Insider explains.

The hotel is receiving unflattering comments that the coiled top of the building resembles the poop emoji...

In other news, Coldplay announced that they will be releasing their new album called, 'Music of the Spheres', in October and five out of their eleven tracks have emojis as their song titles...

Check out an image of the hotel below. What do you think? 

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