Wedding makeup artist's quote is for over R10k!

Wedding makeup artist's quote is for over R10k!

Should people with a talent and accreditation stick to their exorbitant prices?

Bride getting her makeup done at home
Bride getting her makeup done at home/Pexels/@Faruk Tokluoğlu

Nowadays, we cannot say with conviction that wedding season falls within a specified timeframe. 

Couples are choosing their dates based on their life plans, while finding service providers and getting your dream wedding planned has become more streamlined. 

But to save a buck here and there, we see many brides doing things themselves. 

A bride-to-be, Jessica Berger, who also focuses a lot of her social media content on lifestyle, beauty, food, and travel, shared her experience with finding a bridal makeup artist. 

We all know that things don't come cheap anymore and if they do, there's something to be concerned about. 

Because due to popular opinion, you pay for what you get and when things are overpriced or underpriced, it can be considered a red flag. 

Berger has been searching for a wedding makeup artist and, obviously, this means that she wants someone who can offer her a good package. 

One that includes her bridal party perhaps, as well as a makeup trial and hair. 

But she got the shock of her life when she received a quotation from a makeup artist that was between R10,000 and R11,000 - and that was just for her makeup and one person for free (yeah, right). 

She was happy to say that she is not one who doesn't like paying for a service, but she felt like this was a rip-off. 

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Watch her explain the details. Courtesy of TikTok

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