RIP to mum's high-quality makeup!

RIP to mum's high-quality makeup!

The understanding mothers do TikTok videos as a means of calming themselves...

Eye Shadow makeup pallette damaged with water
Eye Shadow makeup pallette damaged with water/TikTok Screenshot/@_martinaavila

The last thing you think about when buying good quality makeup is... what if my kid gets a hold of it? 

But perhaps that should be the first thing you think about as a mother?

This is after Carol Ofori shared with us last year that her toddler got into her makeup when she turned her head for five minutes (and we know it's possible - these kids move fast and in stealth mode). 

Check her out below, courtesy of TikTok

@carolofori Wish me luck! The rugby has not even startwd yet! Im a mess 🤣🤣🤣 #MomLife #MomDiaries #Mom #Rugby ♬ original sound - Carol Ofori

It seems there's a thing with kids and trying out things that resemble crayons...

One mom seemed very calm after she found her toddler in her new Morphe X Manny Mua

But this young girl didn't just decorate her eyes with the beautifully-crafted eyeshadow palette, no, she went as far as adding water to it and smearing it all over her face. 

Watch how calm her mother is when she finds her with the makeup box. When she said, "Wow, I love it", we knew things were about to get real...

Courtesy of TikTok

@_martinaavila Rip to my makeup 😔 she was shyness #fyp #morphe #morphexmannymua ♬ original sound - Martina

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On that note, we have been noticing many young kids wearing makeup these days and we're not how we feel about it. 

Of course, we are all for letting them explore and experiment with things that interest them, but they are still youthful and also don't want them thinking that makeup is something that should be worn over their pure skin. 

Not to mention the responsibility that comes with using makeup in terms of owning your natural beauty. What do you think?

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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