Watching cute animals is good for your health

Watching cute animals is good for your health

Finally, some good news!


Most of us don't need some scientific study to tell us that watching 30-minute animal video compilations will make us feel better.

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But it does feel good to know that our choices have been justified and backed up with actual proof.

The University of Leeds decided to do a study involving 15 students (who were set to take a 90-minute exam) and four of the academic staff (who said they feeling stressed).

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The researchers had participants watch images and videos for 30 minutes, followed by tests looking at their blood pressure and heart rate.

They were then also asked to rate their anxiety levels.

The results showed that the average blood pressure for people participating fell from 136/88 to 115/71, which is the complete ideal. 

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Along with that anxiety fell by 35 percent on average and heart rates fell to 67.4 beats per minute, which was around 6.65 percent.

And finally, it was found that videos were more stimulating and relaxing.

All this tells us is that we (you included) need to take a chill break right now, so here is a compilation video of the cutest animals we could find on the internet:

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