WATCH: “You people shouldn’t wear masks” – SA woman tells supermarket staff in viral rant

WATCH: “You people shouldn’t wear masks” – SA woman tells supermarket staff in viral rant

As the debate around wearing masks and constitutional rights continues, one woman’s epic meltdown inside a Pick n Pay supermarket goes viral.

Maskless woman Pick n Pay
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While the world continues to be divided over the impact wearing masks has on the spread of COVID-19, South Africans, in general, have understood that wearing a mask could lessen the likelihood of transmitting the virus and curbing its spread.

However, there are still many people who believe wearing a mask is against their constitutional rights. However, public places have, by law, introduced a ‘no mask, no entry’ policy – and one South African woman’s rant over the policy has gone viral.

The incident took place at a Pick n Pay supermarket and sees a woman having a meltdown after she confronted staff and told them to remove their masks.

The clip, which has been shared thousands of times on social media, shows staff politely asking the woman to put on her mask before she launches a verbal attack on the staff, demanding that they take off their masks while also inaccurately ranting on about how forcing her to wear a mask is against her constitutional rights.

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“No, you cannot, no, you cannot! I know my equal rights! Lockdown is unconstitutional and you are not advised to wear a mask. To make you people wear masks is criminal!” the woman shouts in the clip.

According to The South African, a North Gauteng High Court did rule that *some aspects* of lockdown were unconstitutional – but there was never a full-scale removal of restrictions, and the guidance on wearing masks in supermarkets has remained ever-present since the winter.

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Naturally, social media users are furious at what transpired. “Where is the manager. Pick n Pay, we are waiting for you to apologize on her behalf, she's 'you peopling' so hard her slip is showing,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another asked: “@PicknPay do you take action against such customers for endangering the public and your employees' health?”

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