WATCH: Vic Naidoo's best and worst Valentine's Day movies

WATCH: Vic Naidoo's best and worst Valentine's Day movies

Whether you're nay or yay for V-Day, we've got you sorted...

WATCH: Vic Naidoo's best and worst movies for Valentine's Day
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As much as today may be the day of love for most of the world, there are those that are not fans of the day. And for you, we say, it's okay, we get it. 

It can be a bit too much to deal with all the red balloons, roses, and heart emojis bouncing around town. No, we're not bitter, just realistic. The truth is that as with anything in life, there are those that love and those that don't...

As a way of catering to both the love birds and the hadedas, we thought, why not get Vic Naidoo to share his best and worst romantic movies to watch this Valentine's Day? 

Let's start with the best, we're all about celebrating good movies, so try and look at this list with a sense of celebrating a romantic movie, as opposed to a soppy love story...

'Me Before You'... a classic love story that reminds us that love doesn't have boundaries and there are different versions of a fairytale ending.

Check out the trailer below, courtesy of YouTube

This one is the only worst on Vic's list, not because it wasn't a classic story, but because he believes that it's one of the those movies that supports the wrong messaging when it comes to love. 

Not all love stories have happy endings, sometimes you have to embrace what you get. That's why as much as the best movies can be considered soppy, they show us that sometimes you don't end up happily ever after with the love of your life. 

'Beauty and the Beast'!

Check out the trailer below, courtesy of YouTube:

Can you guess what's next on the best list? It's the one where she loses the love of her life! Ever wondered why we love love stories that involve death? If you think about it, it's not just Hollywood that has materialised on this story arc, even great literature involved a lot of morbidity. 

Check out 'P.S. I Love You':

Tell us which is your favourite movie below...

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