WATCH: A toilet in South Korea turns your poop into energy and you get paid to use it

WATCH: A toilet in South Korea turns your poop into energy and you get paid to use it

A university in South Korea has a toilet that converts poop into power...

WATCH: A toilet in South Korea turns poop into power and pays you in fruit and coffee
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Things are truly changing when you hear stories such as these - when you get paid to use the loo instead of paying to use the loo. What a world we live in. Things are never dull.

Professors at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have come up with a revolutionary toilet. This toilet converts the methane gas found in human faeces and turns it into an energy source. The energy that is being processed from the toilet currently powers the entire university.  

When it comes to sustainability, we're pretty sure that not many people would think about turning to human faeces as their number one choice in going green. But that's to the untrained, unscientific mind. To the innovative and scientifically astute mind, this is ideal. 

The toilet is called BeeVi and comes from "Toilet like a bee with a vision" and is meant to be both eco-friendly and sustainable. The BeeVi toilet engineer, Cho Jae-weon, says very eloquently: "If we think outside the box and use different scientific technology, faeces can make energy and manure." 

One of the coolest takeaways from this project has got to be the rewards system. Students who use the toilet are paid for their toilet breaks. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that you could ever be paid to use the toilet? 

Crazy but so amazing! "Students who use the toilet are rewarded with 10 units of digital currency called Ggool per day. Ggool, which means honey in Korean, can be used at a market on campus to buy items like bananas, stationery, and instant cup noodles," Business Insider reports.

Watch the video below showing off BeeVi (courtesy of YouTube):

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