Woman confuses the internet after making punch in her toilet bowl

Woman confuses the internet after making punch in her toilet bowl

We’re not sure guests were too keen on trying this one...

punch in toilet bowl

When hosting, punch is always a proven winner at any party. It’s a hit with guests and one often finds that the bowl empties out often throughout the night. So, a woman took matters into her own hands by making punch inside her toilet bowl and shared it on social media.

An American woman who hosts her our own Facebook live show ‘The Anna Show’, took her punch recipe a little too far when she showed off a new method she discovered to make punch.

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In a video captioned, “DIY punch trick… great for parties!”, the woman is seen bent over a toilet bowl with a variety of ingredients and condiments around her. She takes a T-Shirt and clogs up the toilet before emptying bags of sweets, ice, and ice-cream into the toilet bowl.

“This is going to be so good, this is going to be amazing,” the woman says as she receives words of encouragement from friends around her.

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To finish off the sweet treat, the woman adds the punch and other soft drink brands into the toilet bowl before flushing it to create her punch.

The woman then serves the punch to guests and when she tells them how she made it, naturally, they’re disgusted.

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Image courtesy: Facebook

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