WATCH: Skydivers almost get slammed by airplane that loses control...

WATCH: Skydivers almost slammed by airplane that loses control...

If you're thinking of skydiving then you have to watch this...

WATCH: Skydivers almost get slammed by airplane that loses control...
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Skydiving is definitely not for the faint hearted, it is both exhilarating, heart-thumping and so much more. Many people do it for different reasons, some are professionals, whilst others have it on their bucket lists. 

Whatever the reasoning, it is something that holds meaning for some and sometimes it's about conquering a certain fear or overcoming a phase in your life. And if that's you, then maybe you shouldn't watch this video. 

Bernard Janse van Rensburg, a videographer who released the footage, "said that from the exit position (outside, most tail-ward end of the jumper line) he felt the plane “slip” once and then twice after which he knew something was wrong." (MSN)

We didn't know that the aircraft had more skydivers inside when the pilot lost control. Imagine that, they were having their own whirls of tummy dives before they even jumped...

According to van Rensburg, the aircraft did not hit anyone and once it recovered from the stall, one skydiver from inside the plane exited, leaving four in the plane with the pilot. 

The aircraft was said to have landed safely on the runway and the team of skydivers followed their training protocol, building the pre-planned formations in a safe and normal manner. (MSN)

WATCH the video below (courtesy of YouTube):

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