WATCH: Creative wedding proposal in an ambulance

WATCH: Creative wedding proposal in an ambulance

What does the perfect proposal look like? Honestly, it's when she says, "Yes!"...

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This proposal left the bride in shock as she had been pranked to think her man was in a critical condition. Fortunately, it was just a way for them to get a vulnerable moment to say what was on both their minds and hearts; leading to the wedding proposal. 

Sonwabile Zikhwe is a 25-year-old from the Eastern Cape working as a petrol attendant in East London and also as Bolt driver for his side hustle. He had been friends with Nokuthula Masilela for six years before they finally became an item. They then got into a serious relationship in early February this year. 

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He had wanted to propose a few months after they were together but thought it might be too early and only the honeymoon stage. So, he waited until a few days ago to propose to his girlfriend. 

He blocked the roads, called through paramedics, and staged an accident scenario to propose to his girlfriend. He says the ride was to break all her defences and not make her suspicious or aware that a proposal might take place. 

"The conventional proposal in a restaurant already gives hints and makes it obvious even before you kneel to ask the question," he says. 

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This is why he chose to do it this way. He pulled out all the stops. 

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Nokuthula had been with 'Soso', as they call him, when he was in an unstable situation of unemployment. He appreciates how she has made him want to do better. 

We love a beautiful sincere love, we have seen it with out very own Darren Maule. 

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! 

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