WATCH: A monkey kidnapped a two-week-old puppy and held it hostage...

WATCH: A monkey kidnapped a two-week-old puppy and held it hostage...

Looks like we're not the only ones who have monkey stories...

WATCH: A monkey kidnapped a two-week old puppy and held it hostage...
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We are all too familiar with monkey stories, whether they are caught stealing your food or messing with your rubbish bin, even jumping on your roof, they are infamous for being mischievous and pushing your limits in KZN.

But we have all heard horror stories when it comes to these primates. In hindsight, we have to admit that it isn't fair that developments and infrastructure are the reasons that they wander around our communities. However, what should we do, how do we cope?

This is a special story though. We are not sure what was going through this monkey's mind but he captured a two-week-old puppy from a stray litter of pups. Saru, the pup who was captured, was grabbed by the primate and transported to the top of the electricity posts in Taman Lestari Putra, Malaysia. 

We know them to be super protective when it comes to their young, so it is surprising that they would take away a pup from their mother. It got us thinking about what this monkey was going through, because after three days no harm came to the pup, other than the fact that he was hungry and afraid. 

WATCH the video footage showing off the capture situation (courtesy of YouTube):

A community saw the entire thing happen and managed to follow the monkey during the hostage situation. After three days, they managed to track the monkey down and scare the monkey with a firecracker, bringing no harm to the monkey or the puppy. 

The monkey let go of Saru and a community member took the pup in. The monkey did not harm Saru, so perhaps there was deeper meaning to this situation. Who knows, maybe the monkey had lost its young and was craving comfort through the puppy...

Sadly, many monkeys in Malaysia are killed due to communities complaining about them.

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