WATCH: Merebank High School takes part in the Madiba Jive Challenge

WATCH: Merebank High School takes part in the Madiba Jive Challenge

A fun collaboration between students and teachers...

Students and teachers dancing
Students and teachers dancing/TikTok Screenshot/@nomcebozungu0

Dance challenges on the popular social media platforms TikTok and Instagram have always excited us. 

And with the recent news surrounding the not-so-good relationships between teachers and students in our local hemisphere, it is a good turn to have come across something fun between the two. 

The popular one that has hit the streets recently is the Madiba Jive Challenge and we have to say it's got a certain vibe about it. 

This time we saw students and teachers from Merebank High School engage in the challenge. 

We have to think that it is the students' love for social media and the youthful teachers who want to engage, that result in these types of collaboration videos?

If anything, watching these types of videos just restores our faith in the goodness between teachers and students. 

If you are a teacher reading this, would you do this with your students?

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We did enjoy the way the people that commented still recognised a teacher from their schooling careers, Mr Goba. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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