You can now shop on WhatsApp!

You can now shop on WhatsApp!

Facebook has introduced the new cart feature to WhatsApp in the hopes that it will encourage more people to do their shopping through the app.

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These days you can't open an application without very curated ads staring you right in the face.

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Following all these personalised ads was the addition of features that enable users to actually shop on apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Now WhatsApp is putting their shopping trolley in the mix with their newest update.

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Their new cart feature, which they first tested out by giving a variety of businesses early access, is said to be easy to use and will help both the business and customers navigate the catalogues and multiple products to finally create one order.

This cuts out the complicated part of having to send separate text messages to different businesses, or even the same business, for individual products.

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The order will go through once and streamline the whole process.

You can see the feature in action right here:

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The WhatsApp Business app has had over 50-million users worldwide and over 175-million people have been using the messaging service since October 2020.

The 'Carts' feature is available for all WhatsApp Business accounts and it's officially available worldwide.

Here's to spending many more happy hours on online shopping!

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