WATCH: Durban City Hall celebrates 110 years and gets a revamp

WATCH: Durban City Hall celebrates 110 years and gets a revamp

We take a look at one of Durban's most iconic architectural wonders, The Durban City Hall...

WATCH: The iconic Durban City Hall is getting a revamp after 110 years
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We love the history that comes with architecture. There is a story that lies in the walls, in the floors, in the doors, each with its own unique story to tell. When it comes to historical buildings, there is even more to appreciate. 

We always think about the different personalities that walked through those buildings, and also what shoes they wore! Imagine if the walls of one of Durban's most historic structures, The Durban City Hall, could talk?!

A cool fact about the Durban City Hall: "Because of its prime positioning, the City Hall is situated in the heart of many of the cultural and historical attractions of Durban. In fact, there is a veritable buzz around it that is exciting, inviting and quite irresistible, even for the locals." (SA Venues Website)

Stanley Hudson, an architect, designed the Durban City Hall and the building can be described as featuring "dramatic style that has been dubbed Neo-Baroque. It is exaggerated and oozes grandeur as it stands tall over the hundreds of thousands of tourists that come to admire its scale and elegance every year." (SA Venues Website)

Watch the video below by Durban Tourism of the Durban City Hall (Courtesy of YouTube):

What's your favourite architectural building from Durban or KwaZulu-Natal? Let us know by commenting below and maybe we will do a feature on it...

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