It will cost you less than R20 to drive this car around town!

It will cost you less than R20 to drive this car around town!

The new CityBug electric car is bringing affordability to South African motorists.

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South Africans, brace yourself for a new electric car that will cost you less than R20 to fully charge its battery. 

The good news is that you will then be able to drive the CityBug for up to four hours on the full battery, depending on the model. 

According to Kaya FM, it is the cheapest electric car in the country.

It retails at R200,000. However, it has a maximum speed of 60km/hour. So, although it will cost you peanuts to fill up the battery, it will take you so much longer to reach your destination. 

The car will be manufactured by Eleksa - a company that imports and distributes electric vehicles in South Africa. 

It is scheduled to hit the market in July 2021. 

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• Charging cost of 15c per km.

• A full charge costs around R15.00.

• Speed 60km/h.

• Range 100km (upgradeable to 200km).

• Includes aircon, navigation, electric windows, android tablet, USB and a sound system.

• 2 doors, 4 seats.

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Image courtesy of iStock/@ Solovyova

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