WATCH: Do you think talking garbage cans will encourage less littering?

WATCH: Do you think talking garbage cans will encourage less littering?

Talk about innovative ways to get people to throw away their rubbish...

Talking trash can in Sweden
Talking trash can in Sweden/YouTube Screenshot/@Richard Orange

Pollution has been a problem which has riddled society for the longest time. 

No matter how much we try to educate people on the proper and environmentally friendly way to behave responsibly, somehow our oceans are still riddled with plastic and our streets overwhelmed with trash. 

So to hear about this very innovative and one-of-a-kind invention has truly got our attention. 

"Sexy", not usually a word that we would opt for when describing a trash can. 

But the innovative Swedish people decided to use that as the calling card to get people to be more responsible with discarding their waste. 

"As part of a campaign to get people in the city to throw away their garbage and reduce litter on the streets, the Swedish city of Malmö installed two trash cans programmed to respond to users with seductive audio messages." (Business Insider)

The trash cans spit out "sultry phrases of encouragement like "Come back quickly and do that again," "Oh, yeah, right there," and "That was crazy good." (Business Insider)

Now, if you don't believe it, there is a YouTube video showing someone actually using the trash can. 

The only thing is the sultry voice is speaking in Swedish. But when you hear her voice, you get the picture, if you know what we mean...

WATCH the video below, courtesy of YouTube

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"The sentences are part of the campaign's intention to get more people to talk about the dirtiest thing there is: littering. The stuff that ends up in our streets, squares, and sea," Marie Persson (section chief of Malmö's roads department) told Swedish newspaper. (Business Insider)

And giving them a laugh for doing the right thing seems to be a good trade off, don't you think? 

Apparently the voice is of a famous person who did not want their identity known. We wonder who would be the voice for South Africa, if we were to pursue this...

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