WATCH: #CougarTok is a new thing that sees middle-aged women active on TikTok

WATCH: #CougarTok is a new thing that sees middle-aged women active on TikTok

A new trend on TikTok has been revealed - middle-aged women have taken to the social media platform to watch videos of this young man.

WATCH: #CougarTok is a new thing that has middle-aged women active on TikTok
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A young man who has found a niche on TikTok has managed to grow his following considerably by creating content that his audience loves.

According to MSN, his new fans got him from a mere 600,000 followers (not mere at all) to over 1 million viewers in a matter of days. That is phenomenal when it comes to any sort of growth.

He has been creating TikTok videos where he lip syncs to some classics such as 'Jessie's Girl' by Rick Springfield (which we clearly remember from that Jenifer Garner movie: '13 going on 30') and Barry Manilow's 'Mandy'.

This young guy has the moves, the melting eyes, and the one-eyed winks down for his audience. And they clearly love his videos. His videos are viewed millions of times.

Watch one of the videos that got around 2.2-million views of him lip-syncing to the Police song, 'Every Breath You Take':

Another video reached 2.8-million views was when he featured his dad. 

One of his followers even said: "Longer, closer shot on your dad. please.. Give us time to put our glasses on!" That's a classic response...


Answer to @halesbelles22 papa John ❤️

♬ I Go Crazy - Paul Davis

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