Never been kissed: This 27-year-old blows up TikTok with her truth!

Never been kissed: This 27-year-old blows up TikTok with her truth!

Emily, a 27-year-old, shared a video on TikTok about her never-been-kissed status - and she is astounded by the amount of traction her video received.

Never been kissed - this 27-year-old blows up TikTok with her truth!
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Remember that movie with Drew Barrymore (Josie), where she goes back to high school to pursue a story and falls for her teacher and he falls for her, and she had never been kissed? Well, we have found a real-life Josie for you!

If we look closely, there are actually more than one and that's what motivated Emily (@msemilyrose11) to post a video on TikTok sharing her story with the world. She wanted to find others like her and girl, oh, girl, did she get noticed for her honesty!

Could we take a moment to actually acknowledge the magnitude of her story. In a world where teens want to go out and get pregnant (and there's a reality show about it) and where they can't wait to start dating or have their first kisses - it is absolutely admirable that this woman has managed to stick to her beliefs and wait...

Her motivation behind sharing the video is to find more people like her, as she mentions that she watched a video with another girl who said that she had never been kissed and started thinking - there must be more people out there who are similar to her? Her motivation seems genuine in finding others who she can connect with and it was so humbling to see that many people commented positively and didn't go down that road of ridicule. 


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She received wonderful support from people commenting on her post and it leaves us feeling invigorated and positive that our world is slowly but surely changing and adapting. 

One person commented: "This needs to be normalized", to which Emily responded by saying: "It's actually because I love happiness :)", which further went on to another person saying: "So true. I'm quite a bit older but in the same boat. I've never felt right having 'relations' (paraphrased) with someone I really click with them. I'm happy single."

In a world where everyone is rushing to experience everything, Emily has shown us that it's alright to wait and preserve an experience, it's okay to just be you and enjoy the moment for what it is, without any expectation, just sincere happiness. 

For that, we thank you, Emily!

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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