The most unconventional instrument: a watermelon!

The most unconventional instrument: a watermelon!

One artist decided to test the musical boundaries by playing an entire song on different fruit.


A YouTuber, known as MEZERG, has impressed a bunch of people.


Not by doing typical YouTuber things like giving surprising someone with a car or pulling pranks on their friends.

But by playing music on some fruit.

This might seem ridiculous and impossible, but it can really be done.

How did he pull this off? Was it just some good video editing and Photoshop skills?

No, he just used a little device called Playtronica, which connects to a smartphone or tablet (if you have the correct adaptor) and then all you need is a music application like GarageBand.

All you have to do to get playing on a pawpaw is connect the cables to your fruit, or even your veggies, and complete the circuit by touching the ground wire with one hand, and note wire with the other.

You can watch the video below:

We know you can't compare apples with oranges, but we can't wait to hear more fruity numbers.

Main image courtesy of Mezerg YouTube

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