"Waiting on my desk when you're ready": PA's message to her boss...

"Waiting on my desk when you're ready": PA's message to her boss...

When what you meant comes across the wrong way...

Woman and a cup of coffee
Woman and a cup of coffee/TikTok Screenshot/@lore.uhh

The way we interpret things in life has a lot to do with our experiences and way of thinking. 

So when someone says something and we immediately receive it in a different way to how it was intended, it can mean that we are perhaps drawing from emotion. 

Not always a bad thing, but it comes with some ramifications...

Sometime it can be something so innocent and with just the switch of a button, it can be construed in the wrong way. 

This could have been the case for this personal assistant who shared her story on TikTok

She posted a video sharing that she went out to grab a coffee and decided to get one for her boss, too. Sweet, right? Then upon her return she noticed that he was busy so she left the coffee on her desk...

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok


I’ll see myself to HR

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Hmm, spicy... we likey... well, not really, because that is completely inappropriate if that's not what you wanted. And it is clear that was not her intention... or was it? 

Regardless, it just shows how sometimes it's best to go back and read what you type before hitting the send button...

It seems many people loved her post, with one person even thanking her for being the inspiration to her next romance novel... "50 shades of latte.." Here we come! 

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