A white lie that turned into this teaching assistant losing her job...

A white lie that turned into this teaching assistant losing her job...

Have you ever lied to your boss about why you wanted to take leave? 

A white lie that turned into a this teaching assistant losing her job...
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Not that we are experts on the matter but white lies are generally considered lies that don't really hurt anyone. Anyway, that's our understanding of it. But in this case, this teaching assistant landed herself in hot water when she lied about her reason for taking leave. 

Not exactly the best way to handle things but certainly a big eye-opener when it comes to learning a life lesson. You won't believe or maybe you will, what the reason for her compassionate leave was. 

"The 25-year-old asked for some time off to handle family responsibilities. Ella Griffith begged her boss at Ysgol Cybi School in Anglesey, Wales for some days off to handle “a serious matter at home”. She spoke with me on September 17, 2020, and asked to leave early the following day and return on September 23." (MSN)

Her principal said that from the urgency in which she had spoken to him, it sounded serious. So of course, he granted her with compassionate leave. And this is how you know for her it was merely a white lie, because she got caught in the most textbook of ways. 

After some of her colleagues saw pictures of her and her boyfriend in Rome, Italy, which were shared by the boyfriend. Things took a turn for the worst and she was reported to her headmaster. 

"Her colleagues spotted the post and quickly reported them to the headmistress. She then confronted the teaching assistant who initially said she had flown to Italy over the weekend.

Later on, she confessed that she lied about the length of time she spent there. Ms Griffith is now facing five counts of unprofessional conduct and may even get her teaching license revoked." (MSN)

According to the reports, she has failed to attend any of her hearings despite the fact that she may not be able to teach any more. Sadly, this lie had some dire consequences. It is however a good lesson for us all, when it comes to white lies, or any lies...

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