This viral popcorn salad has social media divided

This viral popcorn salad has social media divided

Would you try this salad conceptualised by cookbook author and TV host Molly Yeh?

popcorn salad

When one thinks of popcorn, one immediately sees it as sort of a salty snack or caramelised delight and not an ingredient one adds to a salad. However, cookbook author, blogger, and host of the Food Network cooking show Girl Meets Farm Molly Yeh thinks otherwise as she developed a salad that includes soggy pieces of popcorn alongside other vegetables – and we’re not sure how we feel about it.

The popcorn salad is the latest viral craze after the feta pasta, delonga coffee and, yes, even deep fried water.

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Showcasing the recipe in a Facebook clip, Molly explains that the salad is a mixture of popcorn, mayo dressing, cheese powder, and a variety of vegetables decorated with celery leaves and watercress that she says will become the centrepiece of any dinner table.

In the video, Molly tries to convince viewers that the “texture of the popcorn is so weirdly good. I just can't get enough of it. This is my kind of salad. This salad is going to crunch… I mean, crush, at our party,” she says.

However, social media doesn’t seem convinced. In fact, one viewer called the recipe a "crime against humanity"!

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Many believed that Molly shared the recipe as a joke. “This has to be a SNL skit," another viewer said. But, other viewers confirmed the recipe was indeed real and that Molly is known to think outside the box. "My wife watches her show ALL the time. Most of the stuff she makes looks delicious, but she just desecrated that popcorn," a viewer confirms.

Would you be keen to try the popcorn salad? We guess the only fair thing to do is whip up a batch and judge it ourselves.

Image courtesy: Food Network

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