Vic's First Time: A trip down memory lane

Vic's First Time: A trip down memory lane

A few weeks ago, Vic decided to share his first time... seeing a snake. Now he wants to share even more firsts!

Car ride

After sharing his experience with his first snake encounter, Vic has decided to share even more every Thursday.

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Last week he spoke about his first-ever nightclub experience, which he thoroughly enjoyed (you can read more about it here).

Today, we're getting nostalgic, because #ThrowbackThursday, and talking about first cars.

Think about how excited you were when you were about to buy your first set of wheels.

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Whether you were a student in a little secondhand road hazard or a young adult working hard and saving harder, you will never forget your first car.

That new car smell, the memories made, the trips you took.

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So Vic asked KZN to share their memorable first car stories.

Even the Breakfast Show's own Keri Miller decided to join in the fun and share her, pretty wild, story:

For more unmissable Vic Naidoo moments, listen here:

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