A little party never killed nobody!

A little party never killed nobody!

Surrounded by sweaty bodies, loud music, and cheap drinks, you'll probably NEVER forget your first time in a club.


Your life is filled with many firsts.

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Your first love, first kiss, the first day of school... but few firsts will affect you and stay with you like your first night in a club.

Very rarely when recalling their first night partying do people recall the night with fondness.

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It's usually a night filled with regret, all kinds of unidentifiable body fluids, and disappointment.

With it being Thursday, Vic decided to throw it back and reminisce on his first time in a club.

White belt, white shoes, and a club named 'Tollies', listen here and find out how Vic and KZN felt about their first time in a club:

For more unmissableVic Naidoo moments, listen below:

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