Vic Naidoo: "It's bittersweet to be saying goodbye to East Coast Radio"

Vic Naidoo: "It's bittersweet to be saying goodbye to East Coast Radio"

"I've evolved and gone through so many things in KZN and I'm a better and stronger person for it..." 

Vic Naidoo posing for a portrait
Vic Naidoo posing for a portrait/Image Supplied

Vic Naidoo is embarking on a new adventure and says goodbye to East Coast Radio with mixed emotions. 

As one of our daytime favourites bids us farewell, we are both excited for him and also sad to see him leave. Vic Naidoo has grown his fanbase in his original hometown of Durban. 

What was once a dream became a reality when he entered East Coast Radio four years ago. 

What's next for Vic Naidoo?

Vic will be traveling and focusing on some business opportunities. He went on to share that living in KZN was "character-building" in the nicest ways. He is ready for a new challenge and this moment feels full circle for him. 

Vic Naidoo has always wanted to have a chair at East Coast Radio and fulfilling that has been an honour for him. 

It was a dream that was realised and he will always hold this moment as something special and cherish it. 

As a team, we would like to wish Vic Naidoo all the best in his future endeavours. This next chapter is going to be greater than the last...

We will miss you, Mr Unapologetic, for keeping it real and honest over the last four years. 

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