Vic Naidoo investigates the truth behind the 'deodorant at night' hack...

Vic Naidoo investigates the truth behind the 'deodorant at night' hack...

When do you apply your deodorant? 

Vic Naidoo investigates the truth behind the 'deodorant at night' hack...

If there is one thing that we know Vic Naidoo doesn't like, it's having to go grocery shopping after work. After waking up to no toothpaste the other morning, he asked KZN the question. 

"What's that one thing you always run out of and must buy on your way home?" And of course, in true ECR Family spirit you all shared your items with us. From milk to bread, to toilet paper, it made us realise that this is a real problem amongst many of us.  

Check out the post where our ECR family sent in their forgettable items...Courtesy of Facebook

The conversation took a turn when Buhle, the trafficreporter shared that the item she has run out of was actually roll-on. Shock and horror when Vic Naidoo discovers that she has a hack from her grandmother's day, which involves soap. 

Listen to what she shared with the team below. 

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It got Vic thinking about this hack and to our surprise, it elevated to the next level when we heard that it is actually better to apply roll-on deodorant at night, instead of in the morning. 

"However, you still need to make sure that your armpits are clean and dry before you apply the deodorant. I recommend that you apply it for an hour or so after your evening shower. And if you take AM showers too, don’t worry, as the deodorant still stays effective for the entire day!" (Be Youngaholic)

So of course, in true investigative spirit, Vic Naidoo reached out to his friends at Skin Renewal to speak to one of their experts to explain this theory more in detail. In the mean time, check out this video of a dermatologist agreeing the theory...

Courtesy of TikTok:

@drcharlesmd1 derm hack pt 3: deodorant goes on at night! #thatshot #lifehacks #hack #dermatologist #skincareroutine #skincare #fitness #workout #fyp #viral #fy ♬ Physical - Dua Lipa

The kids at Be Youngaholic agree with the dermatologist above as they say:

"The correct time to apply deodorant is at NIGHT, before sleeping. So long as your armpits are clean and dry, you can expect it to stay effective. Do NOT apply deodorant after a sweaty workout session or a whole day out, which can cause cross-contamination of your deodorant." 

What do you do? Let us know by taking part in our poll below. 

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