Today is Fashion Day: Vic Naidoo spills on a fashion item he is thinking of getting...

Today is Fashion Day: Vic Naidoo spills on a fashion item he is thinking of getting

Today is Fashion Day and we pay tribute to some iconic fashion items...

Today is Fashion Day: Vic Naidoo tells us what he is considering adding to his closet...
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Fashion has always been a passion for Vic Naidoo. It shows in his own unique style and he always leaves us guessing when it comes to his style. It's not plain cut, it's a mix and match of different styles, he could go completely Boho and then surprise us with something so chic and avante garde. 

When it comes to being fashionable, everyone has their own unique way of expressing themselves. From a simple accessory such as a brooch or a pair of earrings, even an anklet or a haircut could add to a look and to someone's style. 

The history of this day shares some symbolism since its birth in 2016, as many people use it as a way of expressing their styles without fear. It's a hard knock life when it comes to being critical, but embracing yourself through clothing and accessories shouldn't be something that we are judged for. 

Many times we look at someone and judge their forms of expression because it doesn't resonate with us. But that's exactly why everyone is unique, because sometimes what one person likes another may not. And you know what, that's okay! Imagine how vanilla we all would be if everyone wore and liked the same things. Ponder on that for a minute...

Check out the one trend that is popping up all over the world right now and our very own Vic Naidoo dished that he was thinking of getting himself a pair... Crocs"
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