Unconventional bouquet toss has brides arm wrestling

Unconventional bouquet toss has brides arm wrestling

This is something out of the blue and interesting...

Two women arm wrestling at a wedding
Two women arm wrestling at a wedding/TikTok Screenshot/@binhnguyendang2

A master of ceremonies (MC) is meant to link up functions or events smoothly and eloquently. 

The MC is the glue that brings everyone in attendance together. It is safe to say that it is vital to make the right call when choosing an MC for your event, especially for a wedding. 

A Vietnamese couple seem to have made the best choice with their MC. 

The MC was anything but ordinary in her approach to a key part of a white wedding, the bouquet toss. 

Instead of getting the bride to throw her bouquet to the single ladies at the wedding, she decided to get the single ladies at the wedding to participate in a wrestling match.

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@binhnguyendang2 Lần đầu tiên trái thanh long, à nhầm, giành hoa cưới kiểu mới 🤣 #mc #wedding #mcwedding #bouquettoss #weddingidea ♬ nhạc nền - Cô Bình Dẫn Cưới

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Although this isn't usually something that can be expected at a wedding, it certainly got people excited, not to mention entertained. 

What's a wedding without some excitement, right?

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