Tweeps discuss scary stories about popular bar/restaurant in Woodmead...

Tweeps discuss scary stories about popular bar/restaurant in Woodmead...

A harrowing encounter that sounds like something out of a movie...

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The reality of going out is not just about contracting COVID-19 but a host of other possible dangers - dangers that go far beyond what you can even imagine. 

There is a whole community of criminals out there living a life that we don't even understand, and sometimes one that we are afraid to know about.

But, they say that if you choose to remain ignorant then you choose to be a victim. 

That may sound contentious - but on some level - it pays to be informed, especially in a world where criminals live amongst us...

So when we saw all the hype on Twitter about a popular bar/restaurant in Woodmead, we thought it important to share it. 

We watch movies such as Taken and Traffik, and we feel fear around what happens to people. But we still feel like there is a barrier of protection between us and human trafficking. 

The reality is that it happens on our doorsteps more often than we realise. 

A woman who goes by the username, The Digital Shrink, shares how she and her friends went out last Friday night and what they witnessed was a knock into a scary reality. 

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It's not easy to admit that something so scandalous and scary could be happening in a place that you frequent, right?

But the truth is that people are capable of a lot when it comes to money. 

We live in a sick society that doesn't see beyond what they can gain, not always, but most of the time it's what crime is all about...

Many other people came to the tweet to share their own stories about frequenting the bar/restaurant and the name it had earned itself. 

One person even shared that her friend, a male is still missing after last being seen there. While one woman shared how she was invited there for drinks but was saved when her sister called her with news that she had COVID-19...

(Who would've thought that would be her saving grace...)

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