Treat Yourself Thursday: Buy that pie!

Treat Yourself Thursday: Buy that pie!

You've had a long week, it's time to treat yourself!


Vic has decided to take it upon himself to start a new movement.

Every Thursday from here on out will now be known as: Treat Yourself Thursday (or #TYT).

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"I demand that we treat ourselves to whatever we like!" says Vic.

It's time for you to spoil yourself by finally buying that bag that you have had your eye on forever, making time and getting that facial you've been putting off or treating yourself to some good food, just like Vic.

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In today's #TYT, Vic told KZN what he did to treat himself:

Make sure to let us know every Thursday how you've decided to treat yourself and you could win a mystery prize.

Because it's time for you to think about yourself and there will be no guilt!

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