Top tips for making your house feel expensive on a budget

Top tips for making your house feel expensive on a budget

That's the thing about design, with a little bit of innovation you can make things look pricier than they are. 

Posters mounted on a wall
Posters mounted on a wall/Pexels/@Pixabay

Design tips on a budget aren't always achievable, but perhaps that is because you haven't matched with the right advisor. 

"Mother-of-one Liv Conlon is the CEO of The Property Stagers, which furnishes more than 300 homes a year to make them more appealing to potential buyers." (MSN)

She was also awarded the UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 for founding her business at the tender age of 16. That's impressive and a true testament to living your purpose and passion. 

Conlon shared some tips on how to design your home on a budget. 

"The skill when it comes to style and design is to make your living room feel as spacious as possible without allowing it to feel empty or soulless." (MSN)

Here are some of her top tips to make your home look exclusively designed on a budget. 

1. Oversized everything

"The mistake most people make when furnishing their home is underestimating the sizes of lamps and accessories that are required to make an impact. When it comes to dressing your room, think big - you really want these soft furnishings to make an impact while oozing luxury. Instead of tiny, cluttered accessories, consider choosing oversized lamps to place onto side tables, and think along the same lines for accessories such as candle sticks, glass vases and photo frames."

2. Add a golden touch

"It’s one of the most symbolically loaded colours; and by incorporating accents in gold into your décor, you will add a touch of glamour and elegance to any space. Gold has been used for centuries to indicate wealth, status and desire and has long been associated with wealth and status, royalty and nobility. Instead, look to bring in hints of this shiny hue by incorporating gold-finished accessories, such as picture frames, mirrors, or decorative objects to elevate the sophistication of your living room décor." 

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3. Artwork

Far too often we associate art with something expensive, but making something look expensive can be easier than you think. 

Conlon advises us to source a print or design that we like online and print it out. Place it in a frame, which also doesn't have to cost an arm and leg but looks minimalist. 

Check out one of her staging reels below, courtesy of Instagram

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