WCW: Kim Dyason, a woman with an eye for design

WCW: Kim Dyason, a woman with an eye for design

“My parents always encouraged me and never told me that I was not capable or tried to push me into an academic career." - Kim Dyason.

Carol Ofori and Kim Dyason at the East Coast Radio studio
Carol Ofori and Kim Dyason at the East Coast Radio studio/Supplied

One thing that all our WCWs have in common is their drive to steer forward in achieving their dreams no matter what. 

Kim Dyason is no different and as one of the nominees for the KZN Top Business Women 2023, we obviously aren't the only ones who recognise her brilliance. 

"Kim is an authentic hands-on jewellery designer and goldsmith." (Get It Magazine)

Her entrepreneurial journey started at the tender age of six-years-old when she sold her toys on the sidewalk outside her home. 

Dyason is the owner of Studio 39 Jewellery Design and her approach to jewellery-making is quite unique and very much personal. 

“I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds us, and this is where I find my inspiration. Natural gemstones seem to come alive and ‘tell’ me what they want to be made into.  Creating pieces that show these stones off is my happy place.” (Get It Magazine)

Dyason opened her own business at 23 and has been creating "wearable works of art" ever since. 

Her ability to connect with people and their visions has helped her work with up to three generations of customers. 

Of course, entrusting someone to create jewellery is no small feat and the fact that she has been doing this for almost 30 years is such a testament to her work. 

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“Employing locals and giving back to our communities matters. Small businesses should stand together and see where they can work collaboratively – combining skills and experience – to uplift the communities around us and, in so doing, create jobs and improve lives.” (Get It Magazine)

She believes that experience coupled with empathy helps mentor students interested in the jewellery trade. 

We love her humble nature considering she forms part of such an exclusive and luxurious trade. 

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