Toddler helps herself to lady's money in restaurant

Toddler helps herself to lady's money in restaurant

The look this woman gave this kid's parents was priceless and we think it was warranted. 

A toddler pulling out money from woman's purse at restaurant
A toddler pulling out money from woman's purse at restaurant/TikTok Screenshot/@dianascalici8

There has been much in the media about families with kids dining out and how that makes other diners feel. 

In a world where people are all about sharing their opinions, we are not surprised to hear that a restaurant in Georgia, USA added an adult surcharge to their menu for parents who cannot parent their kids adequately. 

And we have a great example as to why restaurants would want to do this. A video that may come across as cute to some is just disrespectful in our opinion. 

In a video, we see a toddler digging into a woman's purse which is hanging on the back of her chair. 

It is not surprising for us to see that the woman just left her handbag slung over the back of her chair, but what did surprise us was that she left it open. 

Well, at least that's what we think because the toddler could've easily opened it. For safety reasons, we just want to say, don't ever leave your handbag at the back of your seat, it can so easily be swiped. 

Watch how the toddler digs into the woman's purse and takes out cash. 

Courtesy of TikTok:

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Now to many, this may seem really cute, but for the woman, it obviously was not - and we cannot say we blame her. 

Can you imagine seeing a kid invading your privacy in a public space? 

What makes it worse is that she obviously noticed that the child's parent or caregiver was just sitting there videoing it instead of stopping her. 

Kids will be kids, but we think the parents were wrong here to allow their kid to just dig into this woman's purse. It's disrespectful. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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