Should noisy families dining out get charged for disruption?

Should noisy families dining out get charged for disruption?

Eish, that will certainly cause a riot in Mzansi...

A formal dining table setting with crying child graphic
A formal dining table setting with crying child graphic/Pexels/@Burak The Weekender

There are many people who are not afraid to share their feelings when it comes to noisy kids in public. 

Whether that's in an airplane, restaurant or family event, the frowns and stares can become really intimidating, if not downright embarrassing. 

But we think when you become a parent there is much that can change you and many 'parents' become thick-skinned when it comes to their kids' behaviour out in public or in general. 

After all, many parents still rely on or constantly work on their own stare, the one that 'speaks' volumes when your kids aren't listening. 

One restaurant that has made a bold and controversial rule has come into the spotlight. We only recently heard about 'child-free' zones on flights for people who willingly don't want to be around kids and that raised eyebrows. 

Toccoa Riverside Restaurant in the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia, USA has sent brows wild with their 'adult surcharge'. 

"This restaurant charges you extra for bad parenting." (Business Insider


Plainly put, this restaurant charges parents with noisy or disruptive kids. How much you ask?

$50 or R940!

Over and above this surcharge there is also a note that tells diners to "be respectful" to staff or they'll be refused service. 

"The menu says it may also charge an 18% gratuity to larger parties, people hosting birthday gatherings, and diners asking to split the check. It also says that diners have to pay 3.5% more than the listed menu prices if they pay by card and an extra $3 if they share food." (Business Insider)


The restaurant owner is being slammed on social media for being a 'cheapskate'. At first glance, it may look that way, but perhaps he is just someone who wants to create a place for people who want a very particular dining experience?

And moreover, he seems like someone who is mindful of how he wants diners to treat his staff. Nothing wrong with that is there?

We do get that this is upsetting to many as it sort of ostracises families and asks people to budget for more when they are already budgeting for a night out to eat. 

With a 4.1-star rating on Google and a 3.5-star rating on TripAdvisor, perhaps Toccoa Riverside Restaurant should rethink the way it's communicating with diners, because families make up a large part of diners...

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