This Thai restaurant features fish swimming at your feet

This Thai restaurant features fish swimming at your feet while you eat

We are not sure how we feel about Koi at our feet while we eat...

A waitress standing at the Sweet Fish Cafe in Thailand
A waitress standing at the Sweet Fish Cafe in Thailand/Facebook/@adwoa.s.nuamah

There have been some sensorial experiences that we have come across when it comes to Asian restaurants. 

Sometimes that comes in the form of cooking foods like frogs or serving live fish to customers, but they have always tried to capture an experience for diners. 

We can firmly say that is what dining out should be, an experience. Like that toilet that was inside an aquarium - now that is an experience.  

"Imagine a place where you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee in the company of dozens of koi fish as they swim through ankle-deep water that covers the entire floor. That’s Thailand’s koi fish café in a nutshell." (Oddity Central)

If you are someone who enjoys fish, then this is something to really experience. The venue is said to be part of a resort and spa and was designed as a tourist magnet. 

As much as this has proved a success with patrons, it comes with some challenges. 

"One of the biggest challenges of implementing this concept was the filtration system. Four large pool filters work 24 hours a day, and staff changes the water every morning, before opening hours, and in the evening after the last patron leaves." (Oddity Central)

Diners are asked to remove their shoes and disinfect their feet before entering the restaurant. They are also not allowed to touch or disturb the fish in any way. 

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