TikToker tastes milk that's gone over expiration date

TikToker tastes milk that's gone over expiration date

This food policy expert shares the key difference between two cartons of milk expiring on the same date. 

Man in kitchen with two bottles of milk
Man in kitchen with two bottles of milk/TikTok Screenshot/@gavin.wren

When you think about food that has gone bad, there is this mindset that we shouldn't consume food or drinks that have gone over their use by or expiration date. 

But it seems that a food policy expert from the United Kingdom is flipping the script when it comes to expired items. 

And can we just say that this is blowing our minds? Besides the fact that this means something big for food wastage, it also is interesting for us considering loadshedding wastage. 

WATCH the video below that grabbed our attention online. It shows Gavin Wren do a comparison between two bottles of milk that had the same expiration date. 

But one went off sooner than the other - and all because of one key difference. 

The temperature of the fridges that each was kept in. Check out the video, courtesy of TikTok

@gavin.wren Replying to @Gummy gtag Alfievr Important update ⚠️ #foodwaste #foodpolicy #gavinwren ♬ original sound - Gavin Wren

He went on to shock people by eating cheese that was 133 days over its best-before date. 

And believe it or not, it was okay, according to him. 

Check it out below, courtesy of TikTok

@gavin.wren Replying to @Ell ✨ okay done! #foodwaste #gavinwren #cheesechallenge #cheesetax ♬ original sound - Gavin Wren

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People chimed in with their cheese advice when a person said: "My cheese expires before I even open it and well within the date."

Some agree with Wren saying your fridge temperature makes a huge difference in the longevity of your food. 

And one person said, washing your hands before dealing with the cheese is important. Now that one shocked us because we would assume everyone would practice washing their hands before handling their food. 

But hey, you never know...

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