Man shoots roommate in the bum for eating his food

Man shoots roommate in the bum for eating his food

Let this be a warning to all roommates...

A man with hot pockets in America
A man with hot pockets in America/Facebook/@TheCenlaReport

Sharing food when you form part of one family is something that is acceptable. 

But when you share a space with others, for instance living communally, then the general rule is each person provides for themselves. 

And taking your roommate's food is not acceptable, under any means. If you do, then the acceptable thing to do would be to replace it or at least ask first. 

But one roommate learnt, quite harshly, why you should always ask first. 

Clifton Williams, 64, was charged with second-degree assault after shooting his roommate in the buttocks. 

This after his roommate ate his last hot pocket. In case you didn't know, "Hot Pockets is an American brand of microwaveable turnovers generally containing one or more types of cheese, meat, or vegetables." (Wikipedia)

When Williams discovered that his roommate ate his last hot pocket, an argument arose. The two began fighting. 

"As the row escalated Williams 'began throwing tiles at him' and the victim told police he tried to "beat his ass" in retaliation, only making matters worse. Williams then went inside and got a pistol, which he used to shoot the roommate in the buttocks as he was trying to leave, according to police." (Daily Mail)

This is certainly not how to handle your roommate eating your food. But as bizarre as it sounds, perhaps he was really hungry - and we all know that sometimes that can lead to being 'hangry' (when being hungry and angry merge). 

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