TikToker shares what she got from Takealot's R1 sale

TikToker shares what she got from Takealot's R1 sale

At R1 a piece, of course you need two or more headphones. 

Black corded headset
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Online shopping is definitely something of a necessity in our lives these days. 

But sometimes it can be misleading, to say the least. Even the most seasoned online shopper can be scammed online. 

With the level of scammers becoming more and more advanced, it can be difficult to decipher between legitimate online deals and fake deals. 

It is for this very reason that we have to be wary when shopping online. 

The recent R1 sale held by Takealot was something of a concern for many shoppers. One, in particular, was content creator and professional make-up artist, Rushana Isaacs

After hearing about the sale online and visiting the app several times to find the R1 deals, she was unsuccessful. Which made her suspicious of its existence altogether. 

WATCH the video below where she explains that it wasn't a scam at all. After purchasing more than 10 items on the Takealot app, it definitely was a bargain. 

Even though she admits that she doesn't use many of the items. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@rushana.isaacs Part 1 #fyp #sale #southafrica ♬ original sound - Rushana Isaacs

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Check out more from her bargain buying below, courtesy of TikTok

@rushana.isaacs Part 2 #fyp #sale #southafrica ♬ original sound - Rushana Isaacs

Many people still didn't believe her, so she went on to share screenshots of her purchases. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@rushana.isaacs Replying to @Sweetiepie ♬ Chill Day
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