VIRAL: Sheep on sale for R4,000 on Takealot!

VIRAL: Sheep on sale for R4,000 on Takealot!

One of the craziest things we've seen on the net...

Sheep on sale viral video
Sheep on sale viral video / TikTok

Don't be sheepish, check this out...

If you thought that you had seen some crazy things online, hold onto your horses, cause we have one better for you!

A shocking video stumbled onto our 'For You' page and we had to share it with you! Watch this below:

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@katfisshh A whole gusha #onlineshopping #greenscreen #southafrica #comedy #viral ♬ original sound - Katfisshh

The validity surrounding the video is questionable, however, the nation has taken a light stance on this listing and are having a laugh.

The livestock market may be booming in South Africa, but, understandably, people had to run to Takealot to find this alleged deal.

Here's what the internet had to say:

  • "With free delivery even?"
  • "It's actually amazing because our generation doesn't even know where to buy it"
  • "Only 9 left lmao"
  • "It's the convenience for me"
  • "This is the future"

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As you can imagine, users flocked to the platform to investigate this. Multiple users commented "I couldn't find this" and TikToker @katfishh said "Whyyyy are you looking for a gusha!?"

One user says: "It's in the name, she must've created this...catfish hello!" 


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Legend has it users are still searching for this non-existent listing but who knows, maybe this is something that Mzansi will see in the near future?

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