TikToker shares pics of a Cape Town apartment for R32k!

TikToker shares pics of a Cape Town apartment for R32k!

Apartment/house hunting can be challenging, but with options like these, you are better off looking for a rent-to-buy option. 

A woman's finger scrolling through a property listing online
A woman's finger scrolling through a property listing online/TikTok Screenshot/@leah.degois

It's got to be said that there are certain areas in each province in South Africa and the world where rent prices have escalated to crazy levels.

Whether that is due to prime property, the value of the Rand or the location, the fact of the matter is that when you are looking for a place to stay, certain factors are a must. 

For each person those factors are different, but for the most part, the bathroom and kitchen are the big sellers (usually). It's subjective of course, but according to property agents, having a practical approach is important when opening up your property for renting. 

But it seems that even a practical approach isn't always something that wins the renter over. 

A TikToker who usually posts video reactions to apartments in Cape Town and surrounds had us shocked over a place she found that had a rental of R32,400 per month. 

This was for a New York-style one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom. People were flabbergasted by the price and even more by the layout of the apartment. One person even noted that the pics looked AI-generated.

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@leah.degois someone tell cupcake to address the housing crisis at the SONA #capetown #apartments ♬ original sound - leah 🦋

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Leah, the TikToker, shared quite a few other property videos, but this is another one that shocked both her and us.

Check this property which is 64 square metres, as opposed to the above one which was 22sqm. Courtesy of TikTok

@leah.degois YOU GUYS??????? someone please rationalise the price for me 😭😭😭😭😭 #apartments #capetown #stellies #apartmentgirl ♬ original sound - leah 🦋
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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