Nigerian property company advertise rental for R13 a day

Nigerian property company advertise rental for R13 a day

That's approximately R390 a month, which certainly sounds affordable. What's the catch?

A rental unit in Nigeria advertised on TikTok
A rental unit in Nigeria advertised on TikTok/TikTok Screenshot/@abeokutapropertyhub

It goes without saying that when you are renting a place, you want to live in a place that you can make into a home. 

But not everyone has that luxury. Some people are forced to rent based on the rental price as opposed to the comfort and appeal that a place exudes. 

A property hub in Nigeria that often posts videos of rentals has gone viral for sharing a property on their page. The rental unit's selling point as noted by them is the price, which was advertised for 495 Nigerian Naira (Approximately R13). 

After watching the video, there is nothing wrong with the property per se, in case you were wondering what's the catch. 

It looks like a studio apartment with a tiny kitchen and a toilet. But here's the catch. There's no bathroom!

People were obviously attracted to the video with the promise of the price, which sounded appealing. 

But after watching the preview of the unit, they were quick to share their opinions. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok


A room self contain

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In a world where we are struck with high levels of poverty, having a roof over one's head shouldn't come with any sense of luxury but gratitude. 

But with agents promising more than, for less than properties it can be a difficult path to manoeuvre through, the property industry anyway. 

It got us thinking...

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