These movies should give you your money back

These movies should give you your money back

The reviews are in - and the worst movies ever have been revealed...


Apparently there are quite a few terrible movies out there.

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Those films with the worst special effects possible or the classic straight-to-television Hallmark Christmas movies.

The thing is, luckily, these movies never really make it to the big screen.

But what happens when you spend so much of your hard-earned cash on a movie ticket, snacks, drinks, all that jazz just to be incredibly disappointed?

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Sometimes it doesn't even have to be a bad movie, maybe it's just too scary or stressful to watch, and you find yourself leaving the theatre.

It has to be one of the worst feelings, but now you can luckily warn any future viewers.

Vic decided to ask KZN: "What was a movie you walked out on and why?"

Listen below to find out which movies you should probably avoid:

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